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There have always been prisoners and they can be traced right back to biblical times and from the late 1800's prisoners have been forced to wear a uniform that denotes them to the rest of society as a prisoner.  Prison uniforms in the United States often consist of a distinctive orange or yellow jumpsuit or two piece surgical scrub set to make escape more difficult as it makes recognition and recapture in such a distinctive attire more likely. Originally a horizontal white and black bee-striped uniform was used and although this was phased out in favour of the jumpsuit, it's making a comeback now.  Although there are a few orange jumpsuit prisoner costumes, most tend towards being the traditional black and white striped convicts fancy dress. So if you're planning a cops and robbers themed party and you fancy being on the inside with a prisoners costume, then Karnival Costumes is the place to be.  We'll ensure that your prison uniform is just right for the job - and if you want to sample punishment Arizona style, then grab some pink pants and socks just like Sheriff Joe Arpaio would issue you!
As we can see it, your only problem is ensuring that you don't select a prisoner costume that may cause you problems as you stagger home after the party, but hey, it'll probably just be someone in a police costume enjoying a joke! And not only can we help you find the right costume, we'll make sure that you have all of the required jailbird costume accessories including the jail keys but sssh keep that quiet.  And don't panic if you've left it late to order as with our same day dispatch and next day delivery option we'll make sure your suitably dressed for your stretch in a flash!   
Maximum Restraint Fancy Dress Costume

Maximum Restraint Adult Fancy Dress Costume

Maximum Restraint Costume

Contents: Top with Restraining Straps, Trousers and Restraining Mask

Maximum Restraint adult fancy dress costume 3307 available in one-size 42- 44

What a hoot on a Stag Night, restrained all night and unable to join in!  Even better, this is the ideal costume for the troublemaker in the group!  Whatever you want the costume for and wherever you are going to wear it, our Maximum Restraint fancy dress costume comprises of a white long sleeved straight jacket with restraining straps that tie at the back of the costume. The costume also includes a pair of white trousers which feature and elasticated waistband for a comfortable fit. This straight jacket style of costume, which is useful for medical and police jail themed parties, is made all the more menacing in appearance with the included muzzle mask which has elasticated straps for the head.  Very Silence of the Lambs in effect. Very scary but fantastically well presented.  

Maximum Restraint Fancy Dress is available in sizes;

Standard(One Size Fits upto Chest 42" - 44")

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