Red Dwarf Costumes

Space, the final frontier.  With heroric spacemen and astro-pilots plying their trade around the entire universe - well, maybe but not in the hit TV series Red Dwarf a British comedy franchise which has run over ten series, including a mini-series named Back To Earth.  Run on the BBC, Red Dwarf is is a television science fiction sitcom that based on a huge mining ship - from which the name of the show is taken, and which follows the antics of the crew through a nuclear holocost . With a huge cult following, these well known and much loved characters are the perfect alternative fancy dress suggestion for your space themed costume party.  In addition, our buyers are finding new costumes all of the time and new lines are constantly being introduced. And in addition to our Red Dwarf costumes, we've a huge selection of space and astronaut costumes including the entire Starfleet crew as well as a range of costume accessories, including the space guns and zany Martian masks and hands, so there really is no excuse not add those finishing touches to your costume.
So whether you want to look like Rimmer, The Cat or Lister, we've the Red Dwarf costume and accessories that will give you the perfect look.