Red Riding Hood Costumes

The famous 17th century fairytale Little Red Riding Hood is probably based on rumours and gossip surrounding real-life werewolves.  In the tales, a young girl meets a wolf in the forest, feeling peckish, the wolf wants to eat Red Riding Hood but wants it to be in a quiet secluded spot where he will not be interrupted.  To this end, he follows the girl to her grandmother's house and dresses in grandmothers clothes so as to trick her (lest ways, that's what he says!).  In more recent tellings of the story, both the grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood escape from the wolf whereas in the original they were not so lucky and both succumbed to the wolf's attach of the munchies.  Not the best summary of the storyline but none the less, this makes a wicked party theme and at Karnival Costumes we have all of the storytime costumes and accessories to allow you to be whichever character you want to be.
So for your Little Red Riding Hood costume, grandma nightdress or even if you want to dress up as the arch baddy himself in a Big Bad Wolf costume, you know that we'll have what you are looking for.  And, if you've left it late, with our Next Day Delivery option we'll make sure you get your outfits before you even have to enter the forest!