Roald Dahl Character Costumes

Roald Dahl Character Fancy Dress

Every September we all celebrate the crazy worlds, characters and stories that came from the world's no.1 storyteller - Roald Dahl. Each year one of his characters becomes the focus of the celebrations and for 2019 it's the very marvellous Matilda who will be at the heart of the action. The official Roald Dahl website has a mass of information on how to make the most out of the day and puts interactive learning at it's core. 

Here at Karnival Costumes we've a great range of Roald Dahl fancy dress costumes which will allow your child your children to act out the stories for themselves. So help their imaginations flow to new heights all year round with costumes from us and storylines from the greatest storyteller. And for those who want to join in, we've adult costumes too!