Rubiks Cube Costumes

Back in the early seventies a cunning and evil device was invented and put on the market. Responsible for driving some people to the verge of insanity and improving the reasoning of a nation this was the Rubiks Cube.  So if you're a 'cube-aholic' or you were one of the unfortunate few who suffered from 'rubik's wrist' or 'cubist's thumb', then this crazy cube costume is definitely the one for you!  This is an officially licenced Rubik's Cube fancy dress costume. The cube has been puzzling the world since the 1970's and now you too have the chance to see what it was like to be the cube - and you'll probably have just as many people wanting to play with you - so that's a win win then! At Karnival Costumes we're proud to bring you an entire range of life sized Rubik's Cube costumes. It was always more than just a mere toy and the Rubiks Cube inspired everyone from world leaders to royalty and doctors to artists and now our Rubik's Cube fancy dress will turn party goers into life size versions of the legendary puzzle.