Sascha Baron Cohen Costumes

Borat Costumes 

In my lifetime I've know two very famous cultural attaches, Les Patterson from Australia who instructed his fellow Australians in things British whilst being a sense of the New World to us here in the UK and the the other was our guide as he took us on his own cultural learning of America. In the hit 2006 film, we saw the actor Sascha Baron Cohen crossing America as the Kazakhstani journalist Borat. With adventures around every corner, even managing to kidnap Pamela Anderson, he was seen in some of the most ridiculous costumes in the history of cinema including the now iconic mankini costume. So if you're brave enough and the timing is right for you to bring a bit of the film back to to life check out our great collection of Borat Costumes and accessories. And if appearing on the beach ion a mankini wasn't enough, they've now made a mankini costume especially for Christmas and funnily enough, we can can't get a remix of the Christmas song "Jingle Bells" out of our mind!