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School Girl Fancy Dress Costumes

If you are immediately thing back to a period of endless studying, exams, after school detention, and yukky school dinners then you must have had a teribble time but then maybe you learned the correct spelling of words. For the rest of us, however, it was a time of endless fun, sport, friends and even now we hancor back to treacle sponge and thick custard with a skin. You see, it's all in the mind and here at Karnival Costumes, we think that every schoolgirl there ever was went to St Trinians, new or old version! So let our collection of school girl costumes bring back all the good memories and enable you to have plenty of fun. With our extensive range of school girl fancy dress outfits it means that you can go back to school, dressed naughty and do all the things you would definitely have got you into detention with all the other boys and girls! With schoolboy and schoolgirl costumes becoming increasingly more popular with both hen parties and stag do's it's become a much more acceptable costume party theme and not just hidden behind closed curatins as a role-play fantasy. And don't forget with lots of School Girl costume accessories including schoolgirl wigs, mortar boards, straw boater and even a prefect's badge for the smartest pupil - listen, I had to be told what they were!