Schoolgirl Wigs

We all like to live in the past most of us reckon that our School Days were the happiest that we knew and that's why themed School costume parties remain one of the most popular themes around.  We don't think so!  Surely it's the thought of the cute little school girl dresses and the fond memories of school discos and snogging behind the bike sheds that keeps it well up in the popularity charts? Well with Karnival Costumes we don't care what the reason for it's ongoing popularity, we just concern ourselves with bringing you the largest selection of school boy uniforms, School girl costumes and teacher's outfits plus a huge collection of themed costume accessories. In this section we have all of our School Girl Wigs and this includes our plaits which you can use to accessorise your own hair style.  
So whether you've bought a new school girl costume or you've retrieved your old one from the back of the cupboard, Karnival Costumes is the place to come to find the schoolgirl wig that's just right for you.  As with the majority of wigs and hairpieces, we would recommend that you wear a specialist wig cap which will allow you to achieve the best overall effect. 
Mrs Santa Wig costume accessory by Widmann 5961B available from a large collection of character wigs here at Karnival Costumes online party shop

Mrs Santa Wig

Mrs Santa Wig - Lady's Character Wigs Mrs Santa Wig. this is a very distinguished looking wig in a classic silver grey colouring and which has ... view details

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