Scream Costumes and Masks

There are now a number of Scream Movies and both the costumes and masks are considered now as being iconic of the slasher movie genre. Created by Wes Craven himself considered a horror icon, the movies are considered as being witty and cheeky slasher movies although for some they are perhaps a little too cheeky (Rotten Tomatoes).  The storyline involves the sleepy town of Woodsboro who wake up to find a killer in their midst, one who taunts his victims with trivia questions and then the bloody slashing begins. And the movie sets the question, it could be anybody and the only hope is to stay in-front of the crazed slasher, you just need to know your trivia. And the thing to know is that the Scream Mask and Costume actually existed before the movie and Wes Craven chose them as already being readily available for his killer to use. At Karnival Costumes we have a collection of all of the Funworld products available in the UK, and the Scream costumes and masks have become Halloween party favourites.