Severed Arms

Warning: Karnival Costumes collection of Severed Arms for gorefests and HalloweenSevered Arms

Be warned, some of these items will not be suitable for all and we would suggest some guidance if you are viewing these in the company of children.
I used to think that golf balls came from Golfs, and therefore and by the same token, I suppose in my mind theres a lot of 'armless people out there. Now you can make whatever joke you want from that, it's entirely in your hands (oh yes we also sell severed hands as well). In this section however, we're only going to address our collection of Severed Arms which will complete any Halloween party scene perfectly. At Karnival Costumes we have a selection of Severed Arms to complete your collection of blood dripping bodyparts strewn around your party area perfect for scaring your friends at your next Halloween bash.  Not only are these spooktacular Halloween props, they are also super for your Hospital themed party or Slasher movies - think Chainsaw damage.