Severed Feet

WARNING: Krnival Costumes collection of severed feet and other body parts for your next gorefest or slasher movie costume partySevered Feet

Be warned, some of these items will not be suitable for all and we would suggest some guidance if you are viewing these in the company of children.
We'll I've got a foot but I generally don't use it as a rule!  Okay corny joke but I just thought I'd lighten the mood a little. For those of you that don't want the added expense of buying the leg as well(!), at Karnival Costumes we have a nice supply in Severed Feet, which perhaps should more rightly be foot! Either way, they will definitely help you say 'Welcome to my Halloween Party and I hope  manage to scare you' in the nicest way! A nice collection of blood dripping bodyparts strewn around your party area along with a little Chianti will get any party off to a start. And with the collection of body parts, including these severed feet, along with plenty of other limbs, we're sure we can help you in scaring your friends at your next Halloween bash.  Not only are these spooktacular Halloween props, they are also super for your Hospital themed party.