Severed Hands and Fingers

Warning: Karnival Costumes selection of severed hands for your alloween or Gorefest slasher partySevered Hands and Fingers

Be warned, some of these items will not be suitable for all and we would suggest some guidance if you are viewing these in the company of children.
Need an extra hand? Well we've plenty and each of them will help you say 'Welcome to my Halloween Party and I hope  manage to scare you! We all know that nothing says welcome to my Gorefest more than a selection of blood dripping bodyparts strewn around your party area and with the collectioon of body parts, including these Severed Hands, Karnival Costumes is the place to shop as we stock a large selection of fake Hands, fingers and thumbs - just right for scaring your friends at your next Halloween bash.  Not only are these fantastic Gorefest Halloween props, they are also super for your Hospital themed party.
Mickey Mouse Gloves. A pair of Cartoon Hands from our huge collection of character gloves for adults at Karnival Costumes

Cartoon Hands

Cartoon Gloves in White From our huge collection of adult caharcter gloves - and instantly recognisible, this is a pair of oversized white three fi... view details

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Severed Thumb from a collection of fake body parts and other Halloween Props at Karnival Costumes

Cut Off Thumb

Horror Severed Thumb  From our extensive collection of fake body parts to complete your Halloween party scene or other gorefest, this is a rubber l... view details

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