Amputated or Severed Fingers - Pk5

Severed Finger - pk 5 by Guirca 19800 ideal for Halloween available here at Karnival Costumes online party shop

Amputated or Severed Fingers - Pk5

Product Ref: US719800

5 Amputated Zombie Fingers

We've always said that if you want to cut down on your Halloween buffet costs, then you should try and gross your guests out! This pack of 5 amputated digits presented well will do just that. Looking like they've been ripped from your local zombie - well, it'll make it harder for him or her to grab you at least, this is a super way to show off your latest amputations, be they for medical reasons or threatening behaviour! Each pack contains 5 digits all four fingers and thumb from the same hand and they have a great level of detailing. These can be used and stored with care there is no reason why they shouldn't last a few years in your Halloween displays. As always add a little fresh blood fluid for the best effects.

Severed Fingers - pk5

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