Spirit Gums, Mastix and Make-up Adhesives

Santa Claus Spirit Gums and Mastix

Clearly, the best looking Santa's have beards and whiskers that mimic the real thing and that means that false beards and moustaches need to be well fitted and secured before you go off to meet the public - no matter what age-group. Some beards and wigs have rudimentary fixings which is fine if you are working at a distance or your appearance is short lived. If you're in for the long-haul, or you're appearing inside where it will be hot, perspiration can become an issue causing the appliance- your beard, moustache or both, to droop. This is where a good spirit gum or adhesive becomes vital. Known across Europe as Mastix, these gums are either water based (which maybe an issue if you perspire) or spirit based which are preferred by theatrical make-up artists. Obviously, the spirit based gums require a special releasing agent or solvent as tugging won't work - but that's really the point isn't it?
Spirit Gum in a 2ml phial from the manufacturer Fantasy Makeup and available from Karnival Costumes

Spirit Gum 2ml

Spirit Gum - 2mlTheatrical quality Spirit Gum in a 2ml phial from the German brand Fantasy Makeup.  Use to apply prosthetics, theatrical hair and crea... view details

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