St Martins Day Lantern Procession

Celebrate St Martin's Day with your own lantern procession. Focus on good and sharing. Lanterns and lantern sticks from Karnival Costumes

St Martin's Day

If you’re looking for a family friendly celebration aimed at bringing a little hope and light into the world then St Martin’s Day is the one for you! One of the most popular celebrations throughout Europe, it’s a time for family feasting and lantern processions as well as being an opportunity to focus the spotlight on the problems of the disadvantaged and others who may need our help. Taking place on November 11th – in the UK this is also Remembrance Day – children traditionally join together with their lanterns to sing songs as they parade after St Martin, who rides his horse with his red cape and sword. With a range of traditional St Martin’s Day lanterns and battery operated lantern sticks, here at Karnival Costumes you’ll find everything you’ll need to join in with and enjoy this feast day.