Stag Night Accessories


If you're looking for a collection of Stag Night Party Goods to both amuse and embarrass the rest of your stag night party as well as the groom-to-be, then at Karnival Costumes we’ve a selection of some of the best and most popular. With lots of products to choose from including our Drunk and Disorderly labels and lots of different inflatables including sheep! So if you're looking for some saucy party goods for your Stag Night, then you should be able to find something here that'll do the job just fine. And if you're late in ordering the items you need, don't panic as with our Next Day Delivery option, we'll make sure that you get everything in a flash.
Prisoner Ball and Chain by Rubies 695 available here at Karnival Costumes online party shop

Ball and Chain

Police Ball and ChainThe classic symbol for marriage, a ball and chain which is worn around the ankle.  These date back to medieval times and they are... view details

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