Star Wars Costumes

In a universe which is in a galaxy far, far away lots of children are acting out there own version of the stories contained in the blockbuster Star Wars movies. In the classic story of good vs evil, the movies portrayed the Jedi as a representation of good, in conflict with the Sith, their evil counterparts.  In the fictional galaxy, okay I think it's fictional other are convinced it's real - only time will tell, many species of alien creatures and robotic droids are commonplace.  Space travel is a way of life, bedtime doesn't exist and there is no such enemy as homework!  So if your little ones which to travel to this far off galaxy then at Karnival Costumes we have the outfits they will need.  From a Luke Skywalker costume through to the heavy breathing Darth Vader fancy dress, we have them covered and in a good range of sizes too.  And let's not forget the other important players in the cast, we have a Chewbacca costume in plush fur fabric and complete with an overhead mask as well as an all knowing Yoda outfit which is also complete with a facemask. So for your Star Wars costumes for children this is the place to be.  And don't forget the weapon of choice, the lightsaber and we know that we've got you either humming the theme tune or making swishing noises just like a lightsaber - we know it because we're doing it ourselves.