Steam Punk Costume Accessories

Steampunk Costume Accessories

If you’re looking to create a Steampunk costume look, then you’re going to need the right costume accessories.  What is Steampunk? Well, it’s the latest dress up craze in the world of adult fancy dress. It can be described as a fusion of Victorian Industrial and Science Fiction and over the recent past had a noticeable impact on the movie makers in Hollywood with many box office smash hits owing something to themed Steampunk costumes and props. So what can you expect in this cool selection of Steampunk costume accessories? The idea is to take old objects but cast them in a futuristic way and at Karnival Costumes we have everything you could need from Steampunk goggles, to monocles with a mechanical look, from Victorian styled spats to cute fingerless gloves and don’t forget the almost space like guns!