Stoneage Costumes

Pre-Historic Stoneage Costumes

Well, we've probably all wondered what it would be like, you know, what it would feel like if your next meal would be twenty times bigger than you are!  Get yourself along to a prehistoric or stoneage fancy dress party and you might just get something like the experience. So, if you're hunting for the perfect cavewoman or caveman costume to help you snare your prey, the Pre-Historic Stoneage Costumes and accessories we stock at Karnival Costumes could create just the outfit you need. Now we don't know if they are truly realistic but we do know that they look great.  So if you want to roll around in the dirt, go without shaving for months and never ever show your hair a brush it'll add a little to the authenticity, alternatively you could easily select a beard and pre-styled wig from our extensive collecton of stoneage costume accessories.