Superhero Costumes for Women

Superhero Costumes for Ladies

At Karnival Costumes we have an extensive collection of superhero costumes for ladies and we're sure that they will not only make you look and feel a million dollars, you'll also feel like you have real super powers! So if you're planning to attend a superhero costume party, or you're looking for a heroes and villains costume, we've so many ladies superheroes costumes to choose from we're bound to have just the right one for you. And for those of you planning to be a little less nice, we've a range of lady villains outfits including Poison Ivy costume and The Lady Riddler fancy dress from the Batman fanchise as well as a number of Catwoman costumes. Okay I admit it I've never worked out of Catwoman was a superhero or villain, but then I guess I've never understood cats either! And for those wanting to bring a lift to their July 4th celebrations we've both a Miss Captain America costume and a couple of Stars and Stripes superhero costumes which will fit the bill perfectly.