Superman Costumes

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At some point in anyone's life they will fantasise about being a superhero and either rescuing his or her own partner in distress, or for the more ambitious, saving the whole planet! It may only be for a short period of time but for those occasions it's Superman or Supergirl that we want to be. Okay we have to admit that Batman is a technical genius and can out think his opponents, but with Superman we get to show off our muscles and not for nothing is he called the man of steel. Being him has been a popular fantasy ever since he was created in the 30s and a Superman costume makes a really good choice for you at any time including Halloween. Although there have been subtle changes in his uniform since it was originally drawn, these mainly are concerned with the shade of blue of his suit and the size and graphic of the iconic S insignia on his chest.  Through generations of comics, TV cartoon shows, toys and other merchandising and more lately, the complete movie franchise Superman has become a favourite dressing up character. As fancy dress ideas go, becoming a comic book legend for the night is sure to be a real winner.