Superman Costumes

Superboy and Supergirl fancy dress costumes for childrenIs it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah, it's just one of yours jumping all over the furniture pretending to be either Superman or Supergirl, hey both sexes love jumping about on the sofa! Now it's easy to get bored playing cops and robbers and other than when they are involving themselves in a full blown chase, where's the excuse for jumping headlong onto the settee? Well with our exciting cartoon and film character fancy dress collection for the original ubermensch, your's will be all dressed up in their Superman costume or Supergirl fancy dress in no time at all enjoying all of the interactive learning experiences that you can create with your own superkid! So if you're worried that normal children's fancy dress styles aren't burning up enough of their energy before bedtime, why not try some Superman costumes from our superb collection of Superhero fancy dress. Designed specifically with children in mind, here you'll be able to find all sorts of Superman costumes in a range of sizes to fit the smallest through to tweenies and the girls are not left out either as we have some great Supergirl costumes including one in pink. These are fully licensed comic book character costumes so you can be assured of the design being just right. Check out our collection of superhero costume accessories which will ensure that you complete your Superman fancy dress perfectly. And as they say on all the good shows, other children's Superhero Costumes are available.