Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd Costumes and Fancy Dress including Accessories and Mrs Lovett Costumes
Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street claimed over 150 victims and truly he qualifies as a serial killer. Born in the East End of London tpwards the end of 1756 and his life was fashioned by being wrongly accused at the tender age of 14 and then spending five years at their majesties pleasure in the notorious Newgate Prison. Diuring this period he befriended an old barber and learned both the skill of the razor and of picking pockets at the same time, skills which he was to emply on his release in his own barber shop at 186 Fleet Street. Within the infamous barber shop customers sat in a revolving barber's chair fixed to a trapdoor. Activated, the chair deposited the unsuspecting customer into the cellar where they were finished off. In addition to piling bodies in the numerous crypts of St Dunstans Church, when this became impracticable due purly to sheer volume, a removable door to Lovett the pie maker resolved the disposal issue and the murdering continued and the sordid business of filling pies was begun.