The Flintstones

Flintstones Costumes for Bam Bam and Pebbles at Karnival CostumesThe Flintstones fancy dress costume collection at Karnival CostumesCertainly THE premier family from pre-historic or Stoneage times, The Flintstones family, along with their pals have a worldwide appeal and they're instantly recognised wherever they appear. From their own animated town of Bedrock they are a product of the creative animation studios at Hanna-Barbera and their antics have entertained us for decades and they will probably do so for decades more! And at any stoneage costume party they'll be right at home and with licensed Flintstones costumes for both adults and children they make the perfect choice for family dress up parties. In this section we've only included the outfits for adults, so if you're looking for a Fred or Wilma Flintstone costume or even a Pebbles fancy dress for thier. all grown, up daughter this is the right place to be. And don't forget the neighbours, at Karnival Costumes you'll also be able to find both Barney and Betty Rubble fancy dress along with their son who is the love of Pebbles, and you could be too with our Bam Bam costume. And if you're not looking for a cartoon stoneage fancy dress, we've lots of more traditional outfits to choose from.