The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an adaptation of the eponymous comic book series by writer Robert Kirkman. Our hero and protagonist Rick Grimes and his companions find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world around after the outbreak of a zombie epidemic with all manner of undead, as they try to stay alive and to find an explanation for the dilemma. The tone for the series is set in the opening scene of the first episode when Rick meets a little girl and thinking in his old fashioned way that he has to help her - until he realises that she is a zombie, and - as you well know, either you kill them or they eat you. So despite it going against everything he holds sacred, he has no choice but to shoot her. The key to the success of the of the programs, in addition to its impressive depictions of the living dead - who are referred to as being walkers and biters in the series – not zombies, is the use of melancholy sets, blood splattering action and the building of credible characters and plot lines above and beyond simple zombie bloodbath plots.