Horrible Histories TV Costumes

Horrible Histories Costumes

Horrible Histories Costume are the fun way to learn about the past!Kid's Horrible Histories fancy dress costumes create interactive learning experiences
The Horrible Histories brand of education has changed the way that children look at history with the result being that far more children are interested in what the past was actually like to live through. With it's brand wit and the endless appeal to children f all ages of all things wicked, weird and woeful kids flock to it as an educational tool. And now the idea of bringing interactive play to life is here with these Horrible Histories fancy dress costumes for all of your favourite characters from the past.  So now, without the need for a time machine, boys and girls can get even more of a feel for history with this collection of character dress up costumes based on the Horrible Histories stories. With famous Kings and Queens including a delightful Queen Victoria costumes which will have everyone walking around telling the world that one is not amused, to the colourful Henry VIII fancy dress for boys which will mean you'll be needing to keep an extra vigilant eye on that left-over chicken leg! So select the period and join in the fun and don't forget we've lots more historical themed costumes for kids so check them out as well.