Twenties Costumes for Ladies

20's Costumes for Ladies

The twenties swept in like a breath of fresh air of ladies and for women, the Roaring 20s were a great time. Women could express their sexuality like never before dispensing with their staid past and it quickly became acceptable to show more flesh, dance more wildly and be open about freely dating men. Flappers were born with the new dances and fashions worked seamlessly together to create a feast for the senses. The energy of the dance could be seen through the movement of the body with every dance move being accentuated by the style of the flapper dresses with their rows and rows of long tassels showing off every hip shake and spin you make. At Karnival Costumes we've a huge collection of suitable Twenties Costumes for women for all of the major themes from the era; so for your Flapper Dress, or a sophisticated dress straight from The Great Gatsby though to Gangsters and Molls costumes, we'll have you covered!