Vampire Capes

Vampire Capes

One of the most popular characters year after year at Halloween is without a doubt Dracula. Vampires have been roaming amongst us for many hundreds of years, so where ever you are, the chances are you're not far from a blood thirsty count or countess. At Karnival Costumes, we have a great range of Vampire Capes at fangtastic prices that you are sure to want to sink your teeth into them... Ok no more Vampire puns because I know they really suck! In a range of lengths and some being lined with red fabrics, these are superb accessories for finisghing your vampire costume and for ladies, we have a collection of longer hooded capes which will finish perfectly your vampioress outfit.
Unisex Black Cape with Turnover Collar - 45" in length by Rubies 16205 available in the UK here at Karnival Costumes online party shop

45" Black Taffeta Cape

Black Cape- 45" in Length

Contents: Black Cape

Unisex Black Cape with Turnover Collar - 45Simple black taffeta Halloween cape measuring 45" in length. Very affordable and the perfect way to make that grand stylish entrance. The cape has a simple matching black turnover collar and there is a simple tie at the front of the collar and it will be perfect for completing your Halloween costume as well as turning any dress into a glamorous outfit. 
Black Capeis available in sizes;
One Size
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