Viking and Barbarians

Viking and Barbarian COSTUMES

If you're attending either a Viking themed costume party or you're lucky enough to be going to an Up Helly Aa ceremony based around the burning of the longboat, then you'll need to find a suitable costume and in this collection of Viking and Barbarian Costumes you should find something to suit. At Karnival Costumes you'll have plenty of choice, from an elegant Celtic Queen to a rampaging Viking hoard we've something for everyone including a very operatic looking Viking Valkyrie fancy dress costume. And we think we've got you covered when it comes to costume accessories as well. With Viking weapons, helmets with horns and some even having hair attached through to our favourite log chin mask and lots more. So whatever historical Viking costume you happen to be looking for, this is the place to be and remember our buyers are always busy finding new costumes from manufacturers around the world so our stocks and selection are being updated constantly.