Village People

Village People Costumes

The Village People where as famous for their outrageously camp on-stage costume as they were for their catchy and popular disco songs.  And if you don't believe us, just put, what must be their most popular song, YMCA on the turntable or playlist at any party and in no time they'll be lots of people joining in with all of the movements and singing along. And at Karnival Costumes we think that those joining in should also look the part so for all you boys and men out there, get rolling with the Biker fancy dress costume, choose to live life on the building site with the Construction Worker or alternatively you could be the one with the voice of authority with the Motorcycle Cop costume. Our Village People costumes range also includes the Navy Sailor outfit as well as the (near naked) but oh so appealing to the ladies, Wild West Indian costume with it's deluxe feather headdress. And should you feel like building your own version of the outfits, we've lots of costume accessories that'll get you there. So get the songbook out and start learning the words and dance moves.