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Most of the time when a werewolf is in human form, it can blend in and live unnoticed amongst the rest of us. Apart from a few tell tale signs a werwolf looks just like an ordinary human being, that is until the moon reaches its fullest and then you wouldn't want to wait around to find out yourself but they transform magically into a wild and ferocuious killing machine that is the werewolf. So if you know someone who has been bitten by another werewolf, or who has had a curse or evil spell cast upon them or you've just stood ny as they drank from a wolf's paw print check the diary carefully as you listen to them painfully shape shifting into The Werewolf.  Or, you could join in with them as werewolves are a great costume theme for Halloween. And here at Karnival Costumes we have an extensive collection of Adult Werewolf Costumes, plus a great collection of werewolf accessories perfect to make your own costume a huge success. So if you're looking for the right costume, be it a deluxe theatrical quality suit or something more simple we are sure we can help get you howling at the moon.  And our buyers are always looking out for new and exciting costumes and these are constantly being introduced.