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Werewolf Costumes

Once you've heard the howling of the wolf and you've spotted the full moon they'll be no stopping you.  Definitely a case of changing for dinner.  So if you've been bitten by another werewolf, had a curse or evil spell cast upon you or you've simply drunk from a wolf's paw print then you too are doomed to transform or shape shift every time the moon is at its fullest.  With muscles bulging and bones cracking what chance do you have?  And with coarse hair sprouting all over your body and razor sharp fangs busting through your jaw you are already beyond saving.  Destined to haunt our imagination Werewolf Costumes make a great theme for Halloween and at Karnival Costumes we have a great collection of costumes, plus plenty of werewolf costume accessories perfect to complete your outfit ensuring it a huge success. We have an extensive range of werewolf fancy dress costumes and accessories for both adults and children that are sure to get you howling at the moon. And our buyers are always looking out for new and exciting costumes and these are constantly being introduced.