Werewolf Costumes - Child

Children's Werewolf Costumes

In Old English, 'Wer' is the word for 'man' and the name Werewolf dates back to around 1100 and literally means man-wolf.  And they are undoubtedly one of the scariest monsters around. With werewolves being able to live amongst the rest of us without them standing out from the crowd, how are we meant to spot them at times when there is no full moon?  Well it's a well know fact that the magical transformation occurs only at the time of the full moon so if you have a friend who has been bitten by another werewolf, or who has had a curse or evil spell cast upon them or you've watched as they've drunk from a wolf's paw print then you need to be very careful around the time of the full moon!  At other times, you could look out for eyebrows that meet in the middle, hairy palms on the hands and curved or claw like fingernails as these are telltale signs of the werewolf. 
At Karnival Costumes we have a range of Werewolf Costumes for Kids plus collection of accessories that will ensure that you have the perfect look and that your costume is a huge success at your next Halloween costume party and that will have you howling at the moon.  And our buyers are always looking out for new and exciting costumes and these are constantly being introduced.  So now there is no excuse for not looking the part of the werewolf this Halloween.