Wild West Fancy Dress Accessories


Congratulations if you've picked a Wild West Cowboys and Indians theme for your next costume party and for those of you still thinking about it, we simply ask; why are you still thinking about it? With a huge choice of sub-themes to select from, you could dress up in a Cowboy costume or an Indian fancy dress and, at a stretch, even a Mexican ranchero or bandido and once you've finally settled on the theme and your own Wild West costume, then you're going to need the right costumes accessories to complete the look. So, welcome to the Karnival Costumes super collection of Wild West Costume Accessories where you'll find everything you could think of, plus lots you didn't even consider that will allow you to perfectly finish your fancy dress.  We cowboy hats, ranging from simply flock covered plastic through to a felt River Boat Gambler costume hat and a deluxe wandering gunslinger style just right for raising up at one corner with your outstretched index finger whilst you take a final draw on that cheroot - we can almost hear the musical! And no cowboy dress up would be complete without a pair of holsters and handguns and again we've quite a selection for you to choose from. And no we haven't forgotten the ladies. We've saloon girl costume wigs, thigh garters, head bands and even a thigh-garter with a concealed pistol! Now if your looking for the fishnet tights or stockings and a pair of frilly knickers then you'll need to look further down our accessories collections as these are in their own sections.