Woochie Prosthetic Makeup

Woochie Prosthetic Makeup Effects

Woochie has been a leader in easy-to-use latex appliances for over twenty years. In use today, they can be found in the movie industry, on stage, and by consumers who want to look convincingly maimed and injured during Halloween! Woochie is a go-to brand for many of the countries leading makeup artists and their prosthetics are realistic, easy to apply, and surprisingly - for the quality - very reasonably priced. They are ideal for Halloween as this is a time about being as grotesque as possible, and we have all sorts of prosthetic wounds that will gross out anyone you run into.  Stab wounds? Zombie decay? Deep slash marks for your face or body? We have them all and more! Recreating the worst wounds imaginable, including werewolf bites and exposed brains, is possible using some of our Woochie prosthetics.